Cristina García

Affiliation Department of Evolution, Ecology and Behaviour (DEEB).

Institute of Infection, Veterinary and Ecological Sciences (IVES)

Postal Address Crown Street, Bioscience Building, Liverpool L69 7ZB, United Kingdom

Mail Cristina.Garcia-Perez'at' Phone +44 (0)151 795 4428 Ext. 54428


My research interests focus on investigating the chances of secondary regenerating forests to expand across managed landscapes and persist in a changing world where climate extremes are expected to increase in frequency and magnitude. Although they are frequently ignored, secondary regenerating forests provide crucial ecosystem services to maintain biodiversity and human well-being. The ability of these forests to cope with anthropogenic and climate-driven changes depend on their genetic diversity, among other factors. I combine genetic and genomic tools (NGS), long term field studies entailing a thorough environmental monitoring, ecological network tools, and statistical approaches to: (1) Investigate how the loss of plant dispersal ability that accompanies defaunation and fragmentation might shift plant distribution ranges; (2) Characterize lagged demographic and genetic population trends in response to land-use changes; and (3) Elucidate the functional relationship between population genetic diversity and their ability to cope with increasingly frequent climate extremes. Overall, my research ultimately provides scientific based guidelines to manage biodiversity, ecosystem functions, and services.